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AnyTrades acts as an STP forex broker and is authorized and regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). As an STP (Straight Through Processing) broker, the company is not a counterparty to customer transactions, and they are immediately processed on the interbank market. This means that AnyTrades makes money from the spreads and commissions only.

Founded in 2016 by the professional forex traders and financial experts, the company has already won three prestigious awards in the forex world. Moreover, AnyTrades did this every year since its establishment. The company’s website informs AnyTrades has successfully expanded worldwide and now it serves clients in more than 120 countries.

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  1. This company after I have deposit money on they account ask me to deliver to them my personal datas copy of passport and copy of the my visa card and my oib which is the tax number. Should I have problem?

  2. I joined them 2 months ago and so far I am very satisfied with the results. Trading mainly OIL and forex sometimes. I was able to generate good profits on the oil since i did not start with a lot of money. So far I made 1 request for a withdraw – didn’t have any problems(it took 1 day for the money to arrive).

  3. Anytrades is a scam. They will rip You for all your money, and even deny you to withdraw your own money. When you insist Om getting an exolanation and complaint about this they simply empty your account in the name of interest swaps.
    Stay away from this company, if you dont want to loose your money.
    Just an advice, take it or leave it

  4. AnyTrades run a facebook advert with a button to click if you are interested in more information. After clicking the button they messaged me and told me they’d call me later. A certain Nick Sanchez from Denmark called me later on +45 78 150480 and lured me into registering with them and I would have my profits double within a week as oil prices were fluctuating a lot in early April. When I told him I don’t have 500 euros he said he’d request for me a deal where I register with 250 euros and I sent the money. I was immediately forwarded to a cluster manager called George Bello from Malta who called me every day on +356 2778 2118 for the next 5 or so days showing me how the trading platform works but he could do everything himself and I could find profits of 20-40 euros each day.

    After 2 weeks George called me with a new deal that if I deposit an additional amount it would be doubled by the company because we needed to have a trading amount of like 1000 euros so that we can do good business and get good money. I added only 200 euros and he said its ok.

    After one month George called me asking that I deposit more money as he needed money in my trading account without explaining what happened to the money I had. He told me there’s nothing he can do if I don’t add him money for trading. Meanwhile I got emails from Anytrades saying that my account was below the required level and I risk losing it.

    After two days the trading platform showed that I made losses after losses and when the account had nothing they closed it down without any word from George. Subsequent emails to ask him what happened still remain unanswered.

    I wish there is a way I can make the public know that Anytrades is a scam.


    • this has been really helpful, I’m in that exact position now, potentially looking at investing 1000 after the initial 250, but I am hesitant. I don’t think I will be going any further with AnyTrades.

  5. Agreed Anytrades is a scam. The more I research it the more I think so. All my savings are gone. They are evil. Why would they change the platform without warning so investors can’t sign in and even if they do you can’t communicate with them.

  6. Anytrades is a scam and this fellas Erik Goldberg is the most irresponsible person you every have to deal with i had to close my account when I realised I was been scammed was never able to withdraw funds as he will always hold position even when I specifically ask him not to

  7. I got ripped off by a broker recently it was difficult to get a withdrawal after many failed attempts i had to hire recovery solution company to get my money back very pleased with the results ashleybaninatgmaildotcom


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