Fullerton Markets – Is it scam or safe?


Fullerton Markets – Is it scam or safe?

Fullerton Markets is a trading name of Indication Fullerton Markets Limited, which is registered as a New Zealand financial service provider (FSP). The broker is relatively new to forex – since 2016. The FSP registration allows it to conduct financial services, including forex.

However, customers should keep in mind that such a registration doesn’t mean the company is regulated by the Financial Market Authority (FMA). It is not actively supervised by the FMA.

So far, we haven’t received any complaints from clients of FullertonMarkets.com.

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7 Complains

  1. Very bad back-end integration. Is this website secured at all? I tried to make withdrawal requests several times and the site gave me a lot of errors. Their customer support advised me to refresh my browser and to try again but the problem wasn’t solved. Moreover, they started giving me some lame excuses and assured me when I log again the issue will be gone. Well, nothing happened. My MT4 freezes every time during the news announcements. Now I wonder is this a broker I can rely on?

  2. I have enjoyed their promotions with bonuses. However, I had several problems when I tried to withdraw money. I think this must be fixed as soon as possible. Did anyone else have similar problems?

  3. I got a call from a trader for the first time in August 2019. Less than a year later, through a fabricated process of baiting me with unbelievable profits, and matching my losses, I was in over $185,000. The platform had assigned my personal broker to me, that called me from time to time to tell me about their new offers. And they said he was one of their top brokers, they further told me the broker had made a lot of people so rich. The broker told me there was an insurance that they get on them, every trade that we do that’s secured and we could never lose money, he will put in there that it’s an insured secure trade, and they buy the insurance for it. so i was assured, I won’t lose any money on if we lose. Okay? But the catch is, you have to bring in an additional $25,000 in order to get that secured trade status on your account. I stupidly did this. Once I hit a certain profit level, I tried to remove money from them. That’s when they denied me being able to take out my own money. They also told me to pay an additional fee to bring out my money. I was blocked out of my accounts and denied withdrawal even after i contacted them in various ways. Of course they never told me that up front. So when I heard that, then it was pretty obvious to me that they were running a scam.I was very sad and confused after investing a lot. Earlier this year i was researching for a recovery team luckily i came across a comment on a recovery website that recommended a funds recovery expert on binary/forex and bitcoin investment recovery, in the person of Mr Albert Murray, and i contacted him immediately through his email address and explained my issues with my investment broker to him, God so kind, him and his team worked relentlessly to get my refund, and was able to build a case against the scam broker with the information i provided about my trading experience and my funds was refunded back to me within a week interval, i was able to get access to my funds with his help, feel free to reach out to him if you are having issues withdrawing your funds, via his email address: [email protected] and he will guide you on steps to take and get your invested capital including your bonus refunded back to you.
    Good luck

  4. my advice to traders is for you to do thorough investigations before investing your funds with any of these traders. They first gain your trust by making a small profit, and then block your money for no apparent reason when you invest a large amount. I was just barely lucky enough to get 70 percent of my funds back, thanks to a Recovery Pro. You can reach me to share my experience if you’re in a similar situation; fransicatyalor at gmail

  5. I have been working with Fullerton Markets for a while, but unfortunately I have had bad experiences with this company. All my money was confiscated even though I had no fault or involvement because of other accounts under the my IB to which I was affiliated. No matter how hard I protested and tried, I could not make my voice heard. A very bad company in terms of customer understanding, they made me suffer a lot. I would never advise you to invest your money and waste your time in this company.


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