IronFX – Is it scam or safe?


IronFX is a trading name of IronFX Global Limited that is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Although this is a licensed company, there are a lot of negative posts and reviews in forex forums about it.

The broker IronFx that has been announced as a scam broker in many forex forums. In November 2015, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) fined IronFx EUR335,000, for its refusal to pay the funds that 160 clients wanted to withdraw.

The company may be trying to improve its reputation now but again through bad practices – by publishing fake positive reviews about itself. Now the situation is the same and the complaints about company’s refusals to process withdrawal requests continue. All reviews recommend not to deal with this company and it is confirmed as a pure scam.

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4 Complains

  1. My withdrawal process takes more than 3 weeks. My account manager is Juan Fraile and he doesn’t answer my emails or calls. Be aware of him! IronFX is a scam. Once you send your money, it disappears forever. Everything is good until you ask for a withdrawal. If you want more than usd100, you are blacklisted and they will never answer you. Stay away from these thieves!

  2. This is SCAM BROKER!! I wanted to withdraw and my request is still pending – already for two years! Guys from SySEC – do your job and stop these scammers. There are a lot of unresolved complaints related to clients’ money in IronFX. SO, how long are we going to wait?

  3. When the time for withdraw came I sent many mails that stayed unanswered, there was no response in their live chat, my wait was endless. So, if you want to withdraw your money, the request is never processed and basically lasts forever. People who are reading this, do not go to IronFX. DO NOT DO IT. They steal clients’ money and there is no way to reach them. Stay away from this fraudulent company.

  4. I made a request to withdraw my money but it is delayed more than two weeks. They don’t answer my emails and calls. Their terms and conditions tell that withdrawals must be done within some days but this is a lie. In the live chat, they answered me my money transfer is already ordered and it is in the queue.

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