Alpari – Is it scam or safe?


Alpari – Is it scam or safe?

As of April 2017, Alpari Limited has licenses in Russia and Belize (authorized by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize – IFSC). The IFSC license allows it to conduct financial services, including forex.

However, recent years the broker has been facing regulatory problems and even entered insolvency. In 2015 the US subsidiary of the group – Alpari US Llc was banned from providing its financial services in the USA. Besides, there are some publications in forex forums that inform about bad practices related to poor customer support and slow processing of withdrawals.

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7 Complains

  1. Stay away from Alpari! I received an email that they wanted to advertise their broker on our site. The agreement was for USD200 and included advertisement, articles and so on. We were ready and asked for payment. The person who talked to us then said to us he didn’t make such an offer. Shame on you Alpari! What broker are you that cannot afford to pay USD200. So, we assume they are fraud. If they lied to us for some $200, what can they do with clients money…

  2. I was allowed to open an account with Alpari, regardless of that I was from the USA. I was allowed to fund this account with USD4,000. Then they told me I couldn’t access my account because I was a US resident. They should have done this when they verified my documents but they didn’t. Then these scammers stole part of my money announcing this was their bank fee. When I sent an email asking for an answer, they never responded. That is why I strongly recommend not to deal with this broker. Stay away!

  3. I am angry with Alpari! They respond to problems too slowly and this is disturbingly. I trade on my ECN account and instead of 9$ profit, they took 18$ from me. I filled in a complaint about this issue but got their response more than a week later. Too disappointed. I worry about such kind of case with Alpari. I do not recommend them yet!

  4. They do nothing but chasing your stop loss orders. Initially I thought they were professionals but they are not. The candle on their chart neve showed such price my order was closed at. That costs me a huge loss. I sent them many mails but got no answers. At least I succeeded to withdraw my money from the account. Do not deal with them.

  5. I am so much disappointed with Alpari. When I started with them, they acted like professionals and I was happy. Now, when I had to withdraw some money, they made everything possible not to send my money on time. I needed this money urgently. I was tired of chatting with them without any result. They should have sent me some bloody code that neve came.

  6. I don’t like this broker at all. The customer support, if this could have called support, is too bad. It is slow and unprofessional. You feel like you are no one and they ask you ridiculous questions. I took me almost two weeks to make a withdrawal. Finally, I got m money back. Moreover, their ECN spreads are not so tight as they should be. Their website servers are so slow that it took years to open it. Better fins something else.

  7. Very poor customer support. You ask them something and the answer comes two days later. Sometimes this happens after days of requesting the answer again and again. This live chat is ridiculous. They do not know English well and it is too hard to explain the what you need. If they got what you were asking they couldn’t answer! I do not recommend this broker!


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