ActivTrades – Is it scam or safe?


ActivTrades – Is it scam or safe?

ActivTrades is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA license allows it to conduct financial services, including forex.

However, there are some publications in forex forums that inform about bad practices related to negative slippage, intentional spread-widening, poor customer support and slow processing of withdrawals.

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10 Complains

  1. Popular broker but news trading is fiction. They widen spreads and the slippage is great. I even was requoted several times. They don’t seem like a real ECN broker. Do not recommend them!

  2. Suddenly their spreads jump and this happens several times and then back to normal. This happens for about a minute or several seconds. I am sure they hunt some stop loss orders. This broker is scam!

  3. I opened a demo account just to try them and especially their Portuguese support. I contacted them and told them about some issue and asked for some help. They answered me they wouldn’t deal with unidentified people. So, they are totally incompetent and should be trained not in this way!. They don’t need some ID in order to answer my technical questions. Not recommend them!

  4. Firstly, the required my ID and driving license as well – it was their policy. Two weeks later they opened my account without asking me for other documents. They have awful execution, especially during the news releases. Their platform freezes and orders are filled with a few seconds delay. I made a request to withdraw some money but still got no answer, just an automated answer. I cannot recommend this broker!

  5. In the beginning, they were OK and the trading was normal. But during the important news lie nonfarm payrolls for the USA they showed their real nature. They put a big spike immediately after its release. I asked them for some explanation but they gave me bullsh*t, quoted some information from Bloomberg. Of course, nothing similar was the truth. There is no such a price in the chart! Scammers!

  6. Huge slippage! I was trading with them last four years. Recently I found strange things because of my EAs. I had different results with the same settings but on different servers. Sometimes there were gaps in quotes, delays and some other differences between different servers. Spreads are decent most of the time BUT there is huge slippage – on each position I open. And notice – always negative for me. Last week I called them for an explanation but the answer was this was normal market behavior. Stay away! I tried two other brokers and the slippage was 0!

  7. I’m not an professional in forex however I can tell you that I’m making use of USD/TRY pairing. I think it is the very best but there is constantly a issue: the spread. Spread will eliminate your revenues. That is why I’m utilizing a Magical Zero Spread account. They still take a commission but it is much better.

  8. I’m always searching for ways to make even more money on Foreign exchange. I constantly utilize the USD/MXN pairing. Problem is the fucking spread that most of Forex trading services take. This is why I use a Zero Spread account that has been really effective.


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