Tickmill – Is it scam or safe?


Tickmill – Is it scam or safe?

Tickmill is a trading name of Tmill UK Limited, which is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA license allows it to conduct financial services, including forex.

However, there are some publications in forex forums that inform about bad practices related to a dealing desk fulfillment of orders, negative slippage, spread-widening and pushing clients to deposit more money.

So far, we haven’t received any complaints from clients of Tickmill.com.

If you feel frustrated by Tickmill.com and have something to share with us, please fill in the form below, describing your case:

7 Complains

  1. This is an average broker with average trading conditions and beware – this is an offshore company. I haven’t got many problems with them except big slippage and nonstop requotes, especially when important news published. I decided to quit and now I trade with a real ECN broker. Do not involve with Tickmill!

  2. They act as marker makers, not ECN. They do everything possible to lose your money. They offer benefits but just to lure you. I have traded with them for some time. They always closed my positions before they will hit my take profit order. When I asked them, they excused telling me it was slippage.

  3. No, they re NOT ECN !! I just lost all my money for just one day and this happened while I was hedged. They can blame French election and the volatility connected but I also noticed too big spread widening. Especially when my deal is profitable. I recommend stay away. Better deal with some honest market maker than these scammers.

  4. This is fraud. I was called from Lakeshri in India and they took 12,000 INR from me. They make me deposit in Tickmill and now 20 day later they don’t answer me. Scam! Fraud! Company and CEO! Do not be fooled with tickmil!!

  5. I can confirm this is one of the worst market makers I met. I usual trade when news announced. But their spreads are too big – huge! They always touch my stop loss and I know it is intentional. I think you should keep away from this broker, market maker. Not honest

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  7. I also fell a victim to this scam broker. They kept on asking me to deposit more money. Then they stopped picking up my calls and doesn’t reply my mails. After loosing more money. Finally I have gotten back all my lost fund and bonus from CFD stocks. They stocked all my trading capital and deprived me access into my account for over two months now after I’ve invested $70, 000 with them. Thought I was not gonna see this day, but as God may have it, today I’ve got back all my money  for real with the help of professional. Lesson learnt! I’m happy to share my experience.

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