FxOpen – Is it scam or safe?


FxOpen – Is it scam or safe?

The company is licensed in several countries and is regulated by the relevant financial supervision commissions. Licenses allow it to offer financial services, including forex.

However, there are some publications in forex forums that inform about poor practices related to higher fees for deposits and withdrawals, changing key parameters of profitable accounts to prevent further winning deals, withdrawal delays, negative slippage and poor customer support.

So far, we haven’t received any complaints from clients of FxOpen.com.

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17 Complains

  1. Well, they sound amazing when you open an account with them and start trading. Everything looks so easy. Hover, when you realize some profits and request a withdrawal, they show you their dark side. I had a problem and till now it’s not resolved yet! My request is for USD10,000. I sent it many times and they rejected it requiring some other documents from me – scanned photos, proof of address, despite I already gave all necessary to them. Then they requested my ID close to my face. What we are talking about?? SCAMMERS. Now they don’t respond me. Stay away, this is the worst broker I was ever dealing with.

  2. This broker charges huge commissions on both deposits and withdrawals. I assume they make their profit from commissions and not from real trading. Is this any kind of diversification? And what about their exchange rates they charge for conversion? They are ridiculous having in mind they are supposed to be a forex broker. Perhaps they make more money from commissions. I do not recommend them.

  3. I tried to deposit funds by my credit card and it was a nightmare. This broker use Skrill as its payment provider and you are forced to do it when you deposit by card. When I enter my card details skrill makes me change my password for security reasons. And after doing all that I did not have to, they announced that they had no longer accepted US dollars. WTF. I read skrill reviews and they were extremely negative. Anyway, I decided to use another broker. I know it may concern skrill but fxopen forced you to use this payment provider when you deposit by credit card. And then? How will you get your money back? I can only guess..

  4. I use a trading strategy that involves opening positions mainly during the economic news announcements. I trade with two other ECN brokers and I can conclude that order execution of FXopen is very bad. Spreads are wider and slippage is greater than other brokers. Withdrawals are OK but there are very high commissions.

  5. Have you lost your capital to any unregulated Forex broker, Binary Option Bitcoin e.t.c or Account manager ? Are you finding it difficult to withdraw your profit ? . If you’re dealing with a Broker or Account manager who keep requesting for additional fund before you can make a withdrawal please there’s a way out from that mess . I was a victim also after I invested over $270,000 hoping to get my profit they Promised, but unfortunately I lost everything I put in , I became frustrated and have no option on how to get my fund back .
    In search for help I came across a forum talking about how one Mr John helped those who lost their fund to unregulated Brokers and Account managers get their money back . I contacted him with the email provided for consultation, he got my message and he requested for some details about my trade , the name of the Broker , Account manager and the total amount I lost ,I forwarded all the details to him and he assured me a successful recovering of my fund , it was like a dream and I never believed it will happen , so luckily I was informed about my fund and without delay I recovered all my money back. I want to use this medium also to share his email with those who lost their fund to Forex brokers , Bitcoin ,Binary Option e.t.c or finding it hard to withdraw their money to kindly contact Mr John Lukeman for help on how they can get back their money , he

  6. FXOpen is a True ECN Forex Broker and i am trading with them for 10 years now without any problems.

    They have Inter Bank Market Liquidity and with this we can do our trading at any point and at the Spot FX rates. They are best in terms of market depth and this means that i can get my orders executed with ease.

    I have made many withdrawals and they were paid on time.

  7. Stable Forex Broker

    FXOpen offers ECN trading and using their trading accounts i have made profits as i can do my trading easily with them.

    The best advantage of trading with them is of lower spreads in many currency pairs.

  8. This broker is professional and also ECN which means that all of my trades are done in the Interbank markets. I am satisfied with my trading results with them and will recommend this broker for newbie Forex traders.

  9. Broker Review – Overall
    This is the leading Forex broker of the Europe and has many of the advantages which is why i am doing my FX trading with them. They have a very efficient customer support department which helps us in the trading and we do not face any problems. I will recommend this broker for all the traders.

  10. Forex Broker that is Reliable

    I was searching for a Forex Broker that is Reliable and that has the Best Trade execution time.

    During my 3 years of trading with FXOpen I have made several Withdrawals and each one was processed on time.

    Also i can say for sure that ECN Spreads in FXOpen are the lowest.

  11. I am completely satisfied with my Forex Trading experience with FXOpen Markets.
    I have been doing my trading with them for more than 3 Years now. Their trading conditions are better than the other brokers i have traded in the past.

    They are Reliable and trustable ECN brokers with a prompt customer support.

  12. После того, как я начал торговать с FXOpen Broker, мой доход увеличился благодаря аналитическим обновлениям, которые они предоставляют. По большей части их анализ идеален и позволяет мне совершать сделки с большей прибылью.

  13. This is a good ECN Broker and with the spreads being lower as compared to other brokers, so i am getting good profits in my trading with them.

    They provide me the facility of doing my both Deposits and Withdrawals using the Bitcoins.

  14. I tried to deposit funds by my credit card and it was a nightmare. This broker use Skrill as its payment provider and you are forced to do it when you deposit by card.


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