Windsor Brokers – Is it scam or safe?


Windsor Brokers – Is it scam or safe?

Windsor Brokers Ltd is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Exchange and Securities Commission (CySEC), while Windsor Brokers (BZ) Ltd is licensed and regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize. Licenses allow it to conduct financial services, including forex.

However, there are a lot of negative posts in forex forums that inform about bad practices related to stealing money from client’s accounts, lack of customer support, showing fake account trades and refusals to withdraw funds.

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12 Complains

  1. This broker is a pure scam. People, stay away from this mafia. Here is why. They will promise you all nice profits when they call you. Then this record doesn’t exist. Be sure there will not be any IB between you and Windsor. IB will make a fortune when you lose all your money. Each trade will be charged high commisiion. They will offer you to choose many account types. Do not do this – you will be scammed then. Alhough they claim your stp accont has no requotes and slippage this is not true. If you lose it is OK. If you start to win then slippage is the way to lose. During news you cannot trade – requotes or rejects. If you find positive reviews I am sure the company write them. Believe me or see yourself.

  2. They are scammers. They stole almost usd180,000 and they rejected all my requests to withdraw. They didn’t send me my account statement. They have hidden agrrements with their introducing brokrs. They will make you lose all your money without any reason but will hide results from you…

  3. I confirm this is dishonest broker. They cheat customers. My story was terrible. I see this is not ony one case. I think we are hundreds scammed people. This company not dealing transparency. Far from this – they dealing for their own benefit only.

  4. I opened an account with Windsor brokers through their IB Legacy Pro. Instead of turned to profitable, my account was vanished. I made a withdrawal request but I never got my money back. I contacted their support and insisted to receive my account statement. When I saw it, my account was almost empty. All those promises of gain were gone. Their IB disappeared. Windsor acted as cheaters and refused to take any responsibility nevertheless my account was zeroed systematically. Now I found many clients scammed in this way. Stay away!

  5. I have no idea why this popular in the past broker had to move to the other side. Windsor Brokers was a decent company, why they had to start ripping off people. They became greedy scammers.

  6. This broker cheated me and some of my friends. They stole our money at the same time and this is the proof that this company is a scam. When I asked for my account statement they became rude and they treated me like I am no one. Their customer support is useless. We have all necessary documents that show we have deposited in the dollar account of this company. It is at Barclays plc in London. Now I realized they wanted to scam us and steal our money from the very beginning. Stay away!

  7. This is a very bad broker. One of the worst companies in the world. They steal money from customers and this makes them criminals. Many people asked for their money but no one got it. They did fake trades and showed me wrong result. After all I had just $500 in my account. I know they do this to hundreds of clients. Stay away or say goodbye to your money.

  8. I think the crypto currency Authority should look into the fraudulent activities taking place in the crypto currency world by Brokers and Account Managers. 80% of Forex , Binary and Bitcoin Brokers and Account Managers are operating illegally all they do is to steal fund from traders , I was a victim , they convinced me into investing with them after depositing my fund they refused me access to withdraw my fund rather requesting for more deposit. It was a painful experience, but God so kind I came across a broadcast talking about how Mr Ashley Larsen, helped victims who lost their fund to Brokers and Account Managers, I took the opportunity and contacted Mr Ashley through the email they displayed for consultation, after receiving my mails he asked for information about my trading and the Broker name ,Account manager name , the Total amount I lost and the year. I forwarded all the details to him . With their help I was able to get back the total amount I lost , the crypto security agencies mission is to make the crypto market a safe place for all traders and investors. If you’re having difficulties in withdrawing your funds or you have lost your fund in years or months back but you still have details of the broker or account manager who stole your money kindly contact Mr Ashley Larsen he will hear you out and guide you on the right steps to take and get back your money successfully, contact him through his email address below.
    [email protected]

  9. Hello everyone,are you interested to trade with binary options or you are looking for an expert to trade and manage your account for you or Do you have funds you wish to withdraw from your binary broker? or you are having problems with the withdrawing of your funds and you don’t know how to go about it.Kindly get in touch via (at), and he will guide you on how to get back your funds within 72hours

  10. Scam broker don’t belive this broker, 1000 % scam broker scam bonus, if you do withdraw they declined your withdraw without any reason, they tell unreleated explanation, and earned profit is cancelled by them


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