Belgian Financial Authority Warns about Scam Online Platforms


The Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) has announced that it continues to receive complaints from consumers about fraudulent online trading platforms operating in the Belgian market. They use deceptive advertisements on social media or online video platforms, often offering virtual currency, trading software or a training course. Scammers are aggressive and even try to convince victims to allow them to remotely control their computer to make certain money transfers. FSMA strongly advises consumers not to respond to any offers of financial services made by the following new trading platforms:

ApexCryptoLive (, Asset Management (, BatCoin (, Bid-IV (, Bitnexltd (, Bn93 (, Caplita (, Capital365 (, Capital-Whale (, Coine-ex (, Coinsdesk (, FHN Capital (, FortuneFX (, FTMTrade (, GlobalOneMarkets (, GMT investments (, Invest Think (, Marlpark LTD (, Martyn Service (,,,, ProfitsVision (, RCE Banque (, Roisea (, Spotchains (, Traderactive (,, TSXOTC (, Uni-co (,,,, Vestapros (, Vexxsel (, XproGlobal (



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