AAFXTrading – Is it scam or safe?


AAFXTrading – Is it scam or safe?

AAFXTrading Company LTD is licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The FSA license allows it to offer financial services, including forex.

However, there are a lot of negative posts and reviews in forex forums that inform about poor or lack of customer service, stop-loss hunting, fake prices, stealing money from profitable accounts, huge difficulties in withdrawing money. Moreover, there are recommendations not to deal with this company and it is confirmed as a pure scam.

So far, we haven’t received any complaints from clients of AAFXTrading.com.

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24 Complains

  1. They wipe out any profitable account by placing fake trades with huge amounts of lots and produce fake spikes to hit stop loss orders. In December 2016, I opened an acoount with AAFXtrading and deposited nearly EUR29000. We are a team and have developed a trading xpert. Thanks to it we won EUR10,300 for just 8 days. AAFX immediately wiped out our account by placing fake deals with huge trading amounts and incorporated spikes of more than 200 pips. I represented them the evidence that we traded with small amount – up to 0.3lots. They asked me to give them our expert advisor. WTF. AAFX is a pure scam. They do not transmit e single trade and only wait the client to bankrupt. If this doesn’t happen, they place fake huge trades and bankrupt every account they don’t like. They scammed me near EUR40k. Stay away from AAFX. Pure scam!!

    • Look, AAFX Trading uses MT4/MT5. This platforms are one of the best in the industry and brokers can’t affect quotes. That’s why for me, as a person that understands how trading platforms work, sounds really insane. Brokerage simply can’t do this, even if it wants. If your story isn’t fake, than I assume that your account was hacked and fraudsters did that. That’s why it’s so important to anable two-factor authentification.
      I’m not sure if you were using the ECN account here as well. On ECN accounts quotes manipulations are not possible as well.

      • I use the ECN account in AAFX. And I never noticed any quotes manipulations. I think, it`s a myth created by traders. I know spikes can appear as technical glitches. But, in that case, they have been removed. And all consequences, whether losses or profits, were cancelled.

  2. AAFX is a scam company and I am their victim. Now is March 2017 and I’ve been trading with them for almost 4 months. I decided to withdraw some money but they didn’t send me anything. They gave me some sh*ty excuses and then blocked my accounts. I had almost USD63k and no open positions. I sent them many emails but no one replied. I called their Australian and Hong Kong numbers but no one answered. Stay away from AAFX

    • Very strange, I was withdrawing bigger amounts from them, and only once I faced a slight delay.
      You should definitely contact your manager. It seems to me that this is some kind of technical hitch.

  3. AAFX is complete scammers. They widen spreads to unbelievable values. I saw spreads bigger than 200 pips in majors. I trade with some other brokers and there I have some success but with AAFX this is not possible. They extend their spreads that much so your stop loss is always hit, no matter what size of the market price is placed. Their zulu trade is a huge scam as well. They manipulate everything to make you lose all funds. Beware of AAFX.

  4. AAFX Trading is a great broker, totally satisfies me. No problems with trading, a big plus for the first deposit – 35% bonus which is withdrawable when the requirements are completed! And you can make a withdrawal already in 2-3 months if you are trading actively. Plus, the withdrawal process does not take that much time as well, it took a couple of hours for the money to get to my account. It turns out to be additional profit, I think it is really cool.

  5. It doesn’t make sense to talk long. Quite a quality terminal and a large number of assets. Executions are quick, no commission, spreads are narrow, the staff is polite. Then everything depends on you.

  6. My trading experience is only positive – I’m trading with this brokerage for 2 years, I had faced some minor problems, but support team quickly resolved everything, so I don’t see this as disadvantage. In general, I’m satisfied – brokerage offers everything that I, as a trader, can demand – Metatrader 4, quick withdrawals and a full-day support.

  7. AAFXTrading broker turned out to be quite a good one. Yes, the site doesn’t always work well (have lagged two times, I mean a starting page, not a trading platfom), that hangs. But all this is compensated by the quick withdrawal of money without large commissions. A couple of times I got a emails that offered to switch to a VIP account, but I refused because I had just started working with a broker and it’s very expensive. And so in the brokerage work everything was quite open and honest. There were no set-ups or ufair motives, so I’ll continue working with a broker.

  8. If you know more about trading, you know it can be dangerous with any broker, especially if you do not know the market at all, but you want to immediately see instant profits.
    In fact, they have collected quite standard conditions, which will suit a classic trader, but you should try everything, because what suits me may not suit you at all and vice versa.

    • Well, it’s a big profit opportunity if you see a solid deal.
      In doing so, you can always reduce the risks. You have a stop-loss after all.
      It’s a risk only for a rookie who can risk the entire capitol without insurance. And for an experienced trader, it’s a great opportunity.

  9. The broker works quickly and reliably. For more than 4 months of work with it, I haven’t found any significant disadvantages. The platform for trading is of high quality, money comes quickly and without huge commissions – what more can I want?

  10. I’ve tried trading back in early 2000’s, then quit the idea, got a job, taken care of career, etc. Now that I’ve got some savings, I came back to the idea of investing this money. Sure enough not all the savings, but 10-20% of it is definitely worth risking if you expect above 50% yearly returns. Teletrade’s copytrading platform fits the idea perfectly. I don’t trade myself and invest in other trader’s ideas. Some of them have fantastic returns at first sight, but I suggest you to remember that the risks always correclate with potential profits. The best strategy is to look for traders who have no major drawdowns, use stop lossess, and have 50-100% expected yearly returns. Works for me, will probably work fine for you too 😉

  11. Well, I don’t know what the bad things I can say about…
    to this company, because if something was wrong, I’d have changed it a long time ago – it’s not a problem at all now. Yes, there are no original trading formats or any super instruments, but I can manage my money here in the way that is convenient for me.

  12. AAFX is a realist broker. It is a broker that knows its place in the market. It knows its weaknesses and strong points, and actively uses it to remain the best in its business.

  13. I’m trading a month with AAFX, overall I’m satisfied with trading. There’s educational center where I can learn about trading and industry in general and orders execution is quite fast. I haven’t made withdrawal yet, so I have a question about is identification needed to make a withdrawal?

  14. This is my first company, so I have nothing to compare it to.
    I’ve got low results so far. And I’m using a small amount of services. I only use fixed spreads so far. But they really remain the same in any market fluctuation.

  15. I do not fully understand the feedback, in which traders say that the company provides little training, etc. Because it is not the direct responsibility of a brokerage company. It is a bonus, nothing more.
    And in general, it is more focused on beginner traders, so they can try real trading.
    I use floating spreads (from 0.5 pips), continue working on MT4, sometimes using Expert Advisors.

    • I agree with you 100%. A broker has many other strong sides besides training. The AAFX offers its clients the opportunity to trade on the 2 most popular and used trading platforms – Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5, large leverage 2000:1, and even have bonuses. As for me, it is always necessary to study trading, but the training that brokers provide is almost always designed for beginners who need to learn the basics.

  16. Just good brokerage, without any significant advantages or disadvantages. Everything there is quite typical, so I can’t even highight nothing unusual. The best thing I like is fast withdrawals but I don’t liket that there are no copy-trading.


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