Alvexo – Is it scam or safe?


Alvexo is the trading name of the Cypriot company VPR Safe Financial Group Limited that is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The CySEC license allows it to offer financial services, including forex.

However, there are some posts that inform about poor practices when the company takes commissions, executes orders and supports its customers. Customers reviews also show difficulties in withdrawing money.

So far, we haven’t received any complaints from clients of Alvexo.

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6 Complains

  1. I received a lot of disappointment with Alvexo. I lost USD12,000 while I had a fully hedged account and all positions were closed without any notice or warning. I didn’t receive an official email from Alvexo, which is a margin call. They didn’t support me properly. Stay away!

  2. I wouldn’t call them a scam but I do not recommend Alvexo! They have arrogant managers who called me every day to deposit more funds. Live trading with alvexo is not so smooth and they execute orders with significant delays. Usually their customer support doesn’t care of you. They also delayed my withdrawal request but finally I got my money back.

  3. Initially I was happy they gave me a lot of support. However, along with the support they pressured me nonstop to invest more money. They were always telling me they would only guide me. One day the broker called me and announced something big was coming and now was the time to invest huge amount. I already received a lot of pressure to invest more money and I did it. And something big really happened: I lost all my money because the market went totally opposite of the brokers “predication.” And I blame for this the broker and the constant pressure to put more money. They manipulated me be this constant pressure and I cannot be positive after my account was broken. Three years of saving disappeared! So, now must be happy Alvexo! The job is done! I’ll never trust these scammers!

  4. Let me tell you my experience with Alvexo. Two words: Stay away! I lost $25 thousand within two months and this reflected my life and my health. I got a lot of bright promises when I was about to start trading including professional support. They assigned the biggest scammer I’ve ever seen as my personal ASSistant, Antonios, and his only duty was to make me invest more money. I deposited $2,500 initially and then they promised me a special training I deposited another $7,500. They gave me a Prime account and did ‘some kind of’ training, not even a time in a day. But they pushed me to invest another $4,000 in order to receive better training. In total: 80% of all deals we made together were losing. I started trading by myself and this Antonio never called me and never show my mistakes so I requested to be changed. They agreed but only if I would invest another $11,000. Everything seemed to be ok now and I managed to win about $8,000 with my new assistant. A few days later they called me and threatened me to hedge my positions or they close my account. Then I was ill and couldn’t watch my account. During that time they did nothing, didn’t send me a single email. Finally, when my account was 0 they called me and blamed me for all the situation. Do not trust them! They do unrespectable actions. All they want is to invest more money and then you will lose all. Scammers!!

  5. I was trading with plus500 but decided to move to alvexo because I was attracted by their bonus campaign. I would like to emphasize that I never had any problems with withdrawing funds from plus500. They did this maximum in 5 days. I read about the bonuses in alvexo and opened an account with 1000$. Last night they called me and offered me to upgrade my account to gold plus 25% bonus. Wow, now I doubt is this real or they’re trying to scam me. Maybe it’s better to find another broker with MT4.

  6. When they called me offering the great opportunity to trade with Alvexo I was excited. I thought they would teach me how to trade and would show me some ideas. Well, the only I learnt was how to lose money. I was forced to open larger and larger positions. I even didn’t know existence of usd/ron but they showed me how to invest all my money in one position with this instrument. The best trading advises they gave me was not to use stop loss orders because they “do not allow the market to breathe” I lost almost $19,000 for just three weeks. I hope, this will save time and money of some other trader!


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