Apple Again Violates Russia’s Anti-Monopoly Laws


Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has filed a lawsuit against Apple for banning app developers from informing customers about the ability to pay for purchases outside the AppStore, the FAS said. In a statement it announced: “Apple did not comply with the warning, so FAS Russia has opened a case against the company for violating anti-monopoly laws. If Apple is found to have violated the Law on Protection of Competition, it could face a turnover penalty from the amount of revenue,” the statement said.

In August 2021, Russian antitrust authorities issued a warning to Apple about abuse of market dominance, following calls from iOS users and developers. In some cases, it was possible to purchase a product cheaper on the seller’s website. However, Apple receives a 15-30% commission for each payment in the AppStore, while consumers have not been informed about the possibility of purchases outside the company’s online store.


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