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SkyFX is a brand of the Cypriot financial company Trademaker (Cyprus) Ltd. This broker has been licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) till April 2016. The supervisor then withdrew the license and authorization of Trademaker (Cyprus) Ltd. as the company didn’t meet the legal requirements. They include the ‘bad reputation of the company CEO Mr. Aviv Tal Mor’ and his inability to ‘ensure the sound and prudent management of the company’ due to illegal financial activities. The CySEC has ordered the broker to return all due money to its clients and settle all complaints.

This, including all negative reviews about, should be a big warning for customers to stay away from the company, defining it as a pure scam.

If you are a victim of scam and have any complaints from, please report us and we will try to cooperate. Please fill in the form below, describing your case:

6 Complains

  1. I received a phone call from Eric Roy – an account manager in Skyfx offering me risk free trading on Apple shares. I agreed and invested $600 opening my account with Michelle Montgomery as my guide. They recommended then to increase the amount of my account to 20,000. In return, I would get a bonus of 10,000 to trade ‘like normal people’. I was novice in trading and followed their advice because they promised me huge profits. The story became sad, I lost almost all my capital in trades they recommended to me – without any stop loss orders. I tried to contact my account manager after that but nobody responded. Their customer support advised me to invest additional money, which I didn’t have and I decided to close my open trades so that not to lose more money. I wanted to withdraw the rest of my money but due to the bonus limitation I couldn’t. Stay away from these thieves. I shouldn’t have answered this call!!

  2. SkyFx are thieves! I am still waiting for my money. They called me when I wrote them an email for opening an account. However, when I tried to withdraw, they refused. All I did is I went to my bank and blocked my card because they had my details. Don’t trust them at all!

  3. I have an account with NoaFx and requested a withdrawal on 20.1.2017 of USD4,960. Till now I don’t have my money back. They are scammers, their emails are lies, if they reply at all. Most of the time they do not answer. Be aware of this scamers….


    This is a side company of and is based in London. I was approached by by a lady (supposedly) to invest in the 100% guaranteed proven scheme. I was shown sheets of investment V’s Return and numerous screen shots of successful withdrawals. I have kept all the texts that were made through whats app and saved them for any legal team willing to take these people to court. They are nothing but liars, thieves and con artists. You will never receive your money even if you do pay the withdrawal fee as its a con to get you to hand over more of your hard earned cash. If anyone is ever contacted by anyone for, hang up and ignore them as they are 100% scammer and you will have a much lighter wallet than you did before. They use a fraudulent Certificate supposedly issued by Labuian Financial Services Authority, I know this to be true as I spoke with them. They get you to start with a cent account and quickly get you up to a gold account, which means you need to pay more money in and there are no rewards, just made up figures which show up on the screen and mean nothing. They do this to get you to put in more and more money, basically until you have none left. They also say that the market was poor and you need to add more money and they need t to buy pip, there is no trading done buy them at all, they are just raking in your money and putting it in their bank. So the upshot is, stay well away from, infact as soon as you hear the name, end the call quickly and stay away from them, do not listen to them and certainly do not hand over any of your money, ever…no matter how good it sounds, it is purely and simply a scam and nothing else.

  5. I got scammed by SkyFX.They trick you into depositing a small sum of money,then they upgrade you and alter your trading account.I lost $30K to them through this scam.I was lucky I reported my case to betarefund,com and they took over my case till I got my money back.Do not indulge SkyFX

  6. After going through all the comments, I found some painful, while some were funny. My conclusion is that most people will still get scammed just because they cannot read in- between the lines. I had also been a victim in the past. Now i have a resident hacker who helped me recover my funds(70% guaranteed,,not 100%). He also helps me vet any bitcoin investment i want to make. He gives me the go ahead or tells me to not make the investment, and so far, it had been worth it..The truth is that only an hacker can know a bitcoin scam. You just have to make one your friend. In this digital world, like we have family Doctors, Lawyers that we put on retainers, i always advice people to have a trustworthy hacker on their side.. Reach him via; WhatSapp ㈩➀ ➇ ➆ ⓿ ➂ ➃ ➄ ➆ ➈ ➂ ➆ Thanks for your guideline’s which enabled me to have my funds back


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