24FX – Is it scam or safe?


24FX is the brand name of the Cypriot financial company Rodeler Limited that is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The CySEC license allows it to conduct financial services, including forex.

The parent company also owns a binary options trading platform, which may increase the risk exposure.

So far, we haven’t received any complaints from clients of 24FX.

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7 Complains

  1. I had a very nasty experience with this broker. They blocked my account when I tripled my balance. Now I found a real broker. I would recommend traders to check the registration and licenses of the broker first and then to open a live account! Good luck!

  2. This is a scam broker. they gave wrong advices to their clients and have just one goal – to make you invest all funds in one position and then to lose it all. This is a scam practice. I funded my account with USD1,000 then I made a profit of USD500. Then their analysts told me to open an Oil position with all my funds and without a stop loss because he was sure the oil will appreciate. He had a long-year experience and he was sure. Well, the oil went right the opposite direction and I lost everything but the broker won my money! Do not trade with 24fx.

  3. I can give an average rating to this broker. Trading conditions do not offer anything special and the broker has an offshore license. There are a lot of bonuses available that means it is a market maker. It doesn’t always mean too bad but it supposes some conflict of interests. I recommend finding some ECN/STP broker.

  4. These are cheaters! They changed the amount of my open position to 1 Standard Lot from 1 Micro Lot. They also closed my position at a fake price that doesn’t exist in the chart. I lost much money and received no support. Stay away!

  5. I had a terrible experience with this broker. They are a scam company. My registration lasted for years. Their support is useless. They do not know the answers of my common questions. Blah

  6. Scammers. I do not recommend these scammers! The refused to process my withdrawal request that I made 5 months ago. They keep requesting the next document from me, although I sent them all. I still haven’t got my money. Confirm: Scam Scam Scam!

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