IG – Is it scam or safe?


IG – Is it scam or safe?

The company is licensed in several countries and is regulated by the relevant financial supervision commissions. Licenses allow it to conduct financial services, including forex.

However, there are some publications in forex forums that inform about changing the key parameters of profitable accounts to prevent further winning deals. Customers reviews also show difficulties in withdrawing money and receiving many re-quotes.

So far, we haven’t received any complaints from clients of IG.com.

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6 Complains

  1. I had an account with IG that I was left inactive for a while. I was surprised to realize they deleted my account. I kept calm and asked them to activate it again. Their answer was to make another account. I agreed and tried to set up my account again but their system didn’t allow me because such an account already existed. I contacted their customer support once again but no real help received. They didn’t believe in what I said and didn’t care about me. Too bad customer support!

  2. They live in the last century. I made a withdrawal request and they haven’t done it for ten days now. I had plans to invest more than USD30K. Do not deal with them. Find another broker.

  3. I opened my account with ig.com in Singapore. In the beginning, everything was ok until I started to have winning deals. When this happened, I was nonstop requoted. Most of the time the normal trade with market orders couldn’t be possible. I couldn’t make a normal market deal without being slipped. I realize they have put their scamming tricks, so that the wining deals to be minimum. Do not recommend them at all.

  4. Warning! Do not use IG!! They implement huge delays when you start making money. I received requotes that never stopped. The do this on purpose. They do not have any kind of business ethic. Leave them until it is not too late!!

  5. They have a problem with their platform! My market order was executed and after a while it became on profit. Then the close position button suddenly disappeared. I tried to contact them by phone but received no answer. Instead my position turned into a loss and I couldn’t do anything. I also should notice relatively great slippage I received, although the market was calm. Their guaranteed stop loss conditions are ridiculous as well and if you haven’t noticed, IG always is the closing side of your deals and I found a massive conflict of interest here. Avoid them!


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