XTB – Is it scam or safe?


XTB – Is it scam or safe?

The company is licensed in several countries and is regulated by the relevant financial supervision commissions. Licenses allow it to conduct financial services, including forex.

However, there are some publications in forex forums that inform about changing the key parameters of profitable accounts to prevent further winning deals.

So far, we haven’t received any complaints from clients of XTB.com.

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5 Complains

  1. I’ve been trading for some years and recently I opened a live account with XTB. I am satisfied by their platform that updates regularly. The only thing they should improve is offering more markets!

  2. They are just a mediocre broker. if they do not do anything against you, then they do not do anything for you! Their spreads are awful. You’ve been requoted even when the market isn’t volatile. If you are not novice, you will never choose them!

  3. They are long stage and I trusted them. When I started everything looked ok but then changes took place. Their services worsened and they didn’t care about me at all. Their help was to lose all my money. Well done xtb. I left them and do not recommend!

  4. I am a tough guy and I can’t stand a broker trying to deceive me. I’ve complained many times from my recent brokers but XTB is the most decent one. They had enough patience to listen to my requests and the tie to explain what I was interested in. they treated me with respect and I felt flattered. I do recommend them!

  5. I won some profit using their free bonus of USD40 but I couldn’t withdraw it. I couldn’t lose all my money but what I felt made me leave them. Do not deal with them!


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