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The company that owns the brand is KHO Tech LTD. and it is not licensed and authorized to offer financial services. The site claims to be licensed and authorized by the Financial Services FSPC LIMITED but this is ‘an Independent Company that issues registration for Financial Service Providers based on internal criteria’ and is not an official supervisor.

Moreover, complaints in forums inform that the owner is a well-known scam company (Greymountain Management Ltd.) and it is almost impossible to withdraw money back from it. All reviews recommend customers to stay away from the company, defining it as a pure scam.

If you are a victim of scam and have any complaints from, please report us and we will try to cooperate. Please fill in the form below, describing your case:

4 Complains

  1. They called me many times and asked me to trade with them. I wanted to become more confident when I trade forex and agreed. Some guy who called himself ‘account manager’ – Mr. Hamad promised me only winning deals. Then he pushed me to deposit more and more money. They were still processing my documents but at the same time they started trading with my money. Soon they told me that my account balance was zero!! That meant I lost my $2000. When I tried to reach them, no one replied my calls or emails. Do NOT trade with these scammers, they only seal money!

  2. The same happened to me and I lost USD14,000. I contacted them and even then, my account manager Osama and his boss Hamad wanted from me to deposit USD10,0000 more to activate my account. SCAMMERS!

  3. Stay Away from this company!!! I had a positive balance after a few months of successful trades. Then they opened unauthorized positions in my account and I lost all my money. Very bad company, the stole my money

  4. I opened an account with them a few months ago. They seemed suspicious from the very beginning because they called me nonstop and pushed me to deposit more and more money. I thought this was normal because my wife had similar job and they called clients the same way. So, both me and my wife opened accounts with MRT Markets. I deposited 1500$ and she 1000$. I made some successful deals and my account balance became 7000 and hers 3000. Then after long conversations I succeeded to convince them I would deposit more but I want to see how the withdrawal process works. I got 2250$ and my wife 1300. Then they started making losing deals and we both lost almost everything. Now I want to withdraw all the rest but no one replies. It seems they are pure scammers.


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