LiteForex – Is it scam or safe?


LiteForex is a trading name of Liteforex (Europe) Ltd (previously Mayzus Investment Company Ltd) that is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The CySEC license allows it to conduct financial services, including forex. However, LiteForex Investments Limited is registered in the Marshall Islands and is not a regulated company.

There are a lot of negative posts and reviews in forex forums about LiteForex. They inform of poor customer support, unreasonable deleting client’s profits and accounts and huge difficulties in withdrawing money. Moreover, there are recommendations not to deal with this company and it is confirmed as a scam.

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5 Complains

  1. I traded with Liteforex and everything was Ok until I made a lot of profit. Then my orders were executed with huge delays. Now it’s clear what happens to profitable traders so stay away. There are better brokers and moreover, they are regulated.

  2. I have an account with liteforex and made some deals past days. I made a withdrawal request for 222euro but they haven’t sent my moneu till now. First they said the withdrawal process will last 3 days but till now they haven’t done my withdrawal and they don’t respond in live chat or my mails.

  3. I’ve been trading with litefrx for past three months. Recently I noticed my profit was less and less because trades were closed by itself. I lost nearly 1500usd from my account and I didn’t know why. When I called then they told me I had to protect my account??? How should I protect my account when it is only ME who do the trading?? I am sure now they are full of scam and steal clents profits.

  4. Todays Markets open and my Account money has disappeared.
    No Low Margin alerts or trades, and no trade losses.
    Just for no reason, money seems to have disappeared.
    I have screenshots to prove this… because I expect these things from liteforex to happen.. They are very dodgy forex broker for years… nothing has changed.


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