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We have received many complaints from dissatisfied customers, defrauded by employees. The company that owns the brand Trade-24 has no license and is not authorized to offer financial services. Some time ago, the company announced it was licensed in Belize. The International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) in Belize then issued a statement that this license was fake and the company was not registered and authorized there.

If you are a victim of scam and have any complaints from, please report us and we will try to cooperate. Please fill in the form below, describing your case:

7 Complains

  1. I had a phone call from their sales person asking me to open an account there and offered me free trading signals and account manager who will call me almost every day. He sounded so nice and friendly. I deposited USD800. During the next two weeks, no one called me and when I wrote some emails to them no one replied to me. Then I decided to get out of this company since they don’t keep their promises. I requested a withdrawal and they answered me the whole procedure would take a week. No one called me during the next 12 days. I made three calls and a lady explained me not to worry and she had submitted my request. Nothing happened since then. I hope somehow to get my money back..

    I was persuaded to open account there. They promised me free trading signals from top providers and guess what – got nothing. Tried to contact them many times, still nothing. Scammers.

  3. I have an account with Trade-24. We agreed about cash back and protected deals for my deposit of 2,000$. The agreement was still active and my account went to zero. I asked them to keep the agreement but they denied giving back 3,000$ as a bonus. They told me that I must trade the required amount before I was able to withdraw any money. I started trading and made a profit around 3,000$. They called me then and told me they will manage my account. I didn’t give my permit for this. However, they closed my open positions in big losses without my consent. I contacted Trade-24 support but nothing. I wanted to withdraw the remaining $1,700 but they refused to do so because I did not meet trading requirements and delayed the withdrawal. Pure scammers.

  4. They are professionals in scamming, they will seduce you promising big bonuses. Then your account will be stuck and you wouldn’t be able to withdraw any money. I invested 20,000 USD and couldn’t withdraw one cent from them. They don’t have any regulation and they account manager made losing trades only. My account vas wiped out. They are real scammers.

  5. They gave me 50% bonus of my deposit. My Target Volume was 1000 lots to be able to withdraw. When I reached this target, they refused to send me back my money. No one answered me. WATCH your money and STAY AWAY.

  6. They scammed me as professionals. They were so rude – yelling at me when I called them. I’ve waited for two months for my money but nothing happened. They started harassing me at all times of the day and not speaking.


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