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We have received many complaints from dissatisfied customers, defrauded by employees. The company that owns the brand has no license and is not authorized to offer financial services. All company licenses have been cancelled. Many people couldn’t withdraw their funds. All reviews recommend customers to stay away from the company by declaring it a pure scam.

If you are a victim of scam and have any complaints from, please report us and we will try to cooperate. Please fill in the form below, describing your case:

4 Complains

  1. I invested nearly $28000 in BelforFx. I needed to withdraw some money on October 28 2015 but received NOTHING. Tried to ask them through the live chat but no answer. How to get my money back…

  2. I deposited more than CAD 6000. When I asked to withdraw some money the account manager sad NO problem and that was the last thing I heard from them. Then I tried to arrange some chargeback with my bank but they told me they cannot break their terms and conditions. Belfor is a SCAM!!!!!!! Now I need to find a way to get my money back PLEASE HELP!

  3. I funded my account in January 2014 and I had winning and losing deals but in the end my money was down to near 20%. They offered me some attractive program to manage my account. I received some calls and emails during the time my deals were winning. Suddenly they closed my account without notice and the account balance was zero!! Their site was offline and I realized that entire firm was gone stealing clients’ money. CEO made millions from scamming people and made their money his own. He was convicted of fraud, spent years in prison. He is supposed to pay 50% of his annual income to the victims of his scams by court order but he left in the USA and hid his income. Jordan Belfor is the f***** scammer!!!

  4. My MT4 platform was unable to connect. I had $60 left of my $100 in the beginning. T heir Skype didn’t work and all my emails to them left unanswered. My MT4 keeps connecting to some “Renning-server” and not to theirs and the balance I have is $0. I was really surprised because they seemd to be very helpful but all was so good to be true. Please, how can we take them off the face of the net!?


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