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4863 – Is it scam or safe? is an introducing broker for Meridian Banc that is licensed and regulated by the VFSC. The license allows it to conduct financial services, including forex.

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  1. SwissMain and one of its Senior Portfolio Manager Mr. George Fisher present the contempt and the brazen deception concerning the client approach. Mr Fisher, has rather criminal character and sooner or later he will land in jail. He can scam the client for years trying the extract as much money from his victim as possible because he is remunerated for increase of capital transfer from the client to the account. Next, when the client wants some profit, he is making some irresponsible, unhedged transactions in client name, leading to increase of turnover on clients account for which he is remunerated as well, and he conduct to the account forced closing blaming the market for the client loss. At the end he phones to the client trying to cheer up him saying “this is not the end of the world”, “I have lost so much money in this period” (of course not his but clients’ money) or “I will lose my workplace” trying to avoid the clients public reaction.
    The only difference between Senior Portfolio Manager Of SwissMain Mr George Fisher and the simple dice player and cheater on a flea market is that he is acting using modern media like phone and internet connections.


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