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We have received many complaints from dissatisfied customers, defrauded by employees. The company that owns the brand is not licensed and authorized to offer financial services by an official supervisor. The site doesn’t provide any proof of regulation by an official supervisor. Moreover, complaints in forums show it is almost impossible to withdraw money back. All reviews recommend customers to stay away from the company, defining it as a pure scam.

If you are a victim of scam and have any complaints from, please report us and we will try to cooperate. Please fill in the form below, describing your case:

4 Complains

  1. I am so angry with Gainsy and their poor practices. I invested almost USD2,000 two months ago. My account was verified and my documents checked. I realized a small profit of USD65 and decided to withdraw all the account money due to unsatisfactory trading conditions – huge slippage regardless of the market volatility. After nine days and endless withdrawal requests I finally got my money into my personal account. I wanted my money to be sent as a bank wire because Gainsy doesn’t allow credit card withdrawals and I was deposited by card. Unfortunately, I gave the details of a joined bank account of mine and I thought it would be OK. But the money was returned and I needed to request it again. Their support told me to create a ticket and after I did this I received a reply that my request had been processed and I had to wait 3-7 business days. I didn’t have my money 10 days later and I had to create a new ticket. I was informed the fraud department would do an additional check because I gave the third-party account for withdrawing funds. Another week later and new ticket – ‘your bank wire transaction was rejected because you haven’t provided full information’. So, after more than a month, and $45 paid as bank fees, my money is still stuck at these scammers!

  2. After placed a withdrawal request, the scammers Gainsy blocked and deleted my account. Now I cannot login to my platform. Then I received an email from their support that required me to send scanned and apostilled documents such as ID, driving license, proof of address, tax declaration, all of them translated in English. After a few months, they answered me that I am in their blacklist because I wrote negative reviews in some forex forums and they will NOT give me my money!!! SO, without any reason, they blocked me and blacklisted me. Thieves, scammers!!! Stay away!!

  3. This is a pure scam They pretend to have records of fantastic trades. Once you deposited into your account everything is fine, your account becomes bigger and bigger and you are the victim. When you want to withdraw some money, they suddenly delay the request for at least one month. During this month, they open unreasonable trades and make big losses, so that your money is gone. All their winning deals are not real. This happened to me, I lost all my money but I have no any proof. Perfect scam!

  4. I can’t believe this happened to me because i just decide to give it try, I was reading about cryptocurrency because i am really interested in investing in cryptocurrency because from the books i’ve read…The digital currency is the future, I saw the bitcoins price and it is way too steep for me financially so i had to read some books about trading because that’s the only way to acquire bitcoins since it’s high. I tried to trade on my own but didn’t go through then i began to look for a trader online. I got to a forum on youtube and i get to see everyone giving testimonies of how the Mr William lee helped them trade bitcoins in less than 3 days. I read some reviews on youtube and i decided to continue doing my research, I got to a forum on disqus and other websites as well and i couldn’t get enough of the Mr William testimonies. I am just seeing his emails everywhere and how he help families and more. I decided to give it a try and had to go for his lowest package at first because i am nervous.


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