InstaForex – Is it scam or safe?


InstaForex is the brand name of the Russian broker InstaForex Group. The company has no license and is not authorized to offer financial services. Although the broker claims that in 2013 it voluntary resigned its Belize license, most reviews in forex forums show that the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) terminated it for legal violations. The company is in the warning lists of French regulatory body (AMF) and Ontario Securities Commission (OSC).

There are a lot of negative posts and reviews in forex forums that inform about poor customer service, unreasonable deleting client’s profits and accounts and huge difficulties in withdrawing money. Moreover, there are recommendations not to deal with this company and it is confirmed as a pure scam.

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3 Complains

  1. As I expected, my account with instaforex was blocked at the same minute I wanted to withdraw. Before this moment everything was OK, no broken rules, kind support and so on. When you wanted to withdraw, your account is blocked and they remove their no deposit bonus from your account. The same happened to all my friends dealing with other scam sites like, etc. Please share your cases with me on [email protected]. And I didn’t understand why I had to contact their antifraud department after I did nothing wrong. Scammers!!

  2. This is not news and you should know it – Instaforex is a SCAM and even one of the greatest scammers in the forex history. They are online scam that has NOT been approved by many authorities around the world. Many organizations warn traders not to deal with these cheaters. That is why instaforex are an offshore broker. They have banned accounts for more than 200 traders I know. They will keep telling you that you should complain to their fraud department, really??? DON’T let IVONE from IFX to seduce you. This is a devil and scamming company.

  3. My name is Ruel Alcober and my account with Instaforex was blocked in June 2017 without any reason. First I received my $133 a week after I requested it by Skrill, then I started trading again. I made a second request for 214$ but I received nothing in the next few days. I contacted support and they told me I would receive my money that day. Several days later I didn’t get my money back and tried to login to my account but I couldn’t. I contacted customer support and they told me my account was blocked by their anti-fraud department. They wanted my ID and my account number scanned and I sent them. Nothing happened since then. I didn’t violate any rules. Looks like I won’t get any more money. Sad instaforex. Scammers.


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