YouTradeFx – Is it scam or safe?

1251 is the brand name of the YoutradeFX Group. The company has no license and is not authorized to offer financial services. The company is in the warning list of Australian regulatory body (ASIC) that cautioned investors against dealing with the company. It announced that YouTradeFx is not licensed and regulated by ASIC.

There are a lot of negative posts and reviews in forex forums that inform about publishing of fake positive reviews, unreasonable deleting client’s profits and accounts and huge difficulties in withdrawing money (impossible to withdraw in most cases). Moreover, there are recommendations not to deal with this company and it is confirmed as a pure scam.

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3 Complains

  1. I’ve been trading with Youtradefx for a year and they gave me 100% welcome bonus. I had to do some research and see what cheaters they are but I didn’t do this and invested USD1,500. I tried to call them and emailed them but no one replied me. I wanted to withdraw some of my money but I suppose all my money was already gone. Nevertheless, my MT4 platform still works and their website is still alive, even the part for withdrawal requests. I guess they still accept clients’ deposits trying to steal as much money as they can. Stay away from these scammers.

  2. I am a client of Youtradefx since 2011. I have almost USD8.500 in my account and my account manager is Luisana Cordoba. No one from this company answers me and I don’t know who else should I contact to. I found that this Luisana Cordoba works for sunbirdfx 100 too. I guess another scam company.

  3. I want everyone to see my warning message! Youtradefx is a scam company, it is not regulated. At the beginning people who contact you are so polite and advice you correctly. The problems start when you make a withdrawal request. They ignore all requests and make you to continue trading and deposit more money instead. They assure you the withdrawal process is on its way. Then they make you to open some position that will never be winning because of their huge spreads and that will be the end of your money. Beware of this scam broker.


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