Investing Area – Is it scam or safe?


Investing Area is a trading name of Airfinance Pro Ltd. (previously Ytf trade Ltd). Although the company claims to be licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the SySEC informs that since 9 November 2016 the company authorization is suspended. The company is linked to the scam broker YoutradeFX Group.

There are a lot of negative posts and reviews in forex forums about YoutradeFX Group. They inform about poor and lack of customer service, unreasonable deleting client’s profits and accounts and huge difficulties in withdrawing money (impossible to withdraw in most cases). Moreover, there are recommendations not to deal with this company and it is confirmed as a pure scam.

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4 Complains

  1. I had an account with I requested a withdrawal of USD1,300 on the 1 st of July. I didn’t receive any confirmation of my request. I sent mail to my account manager. Usually I trade with quantity of 10000 but this afternoon when I logged in my account I saw several trades wit 30-40000 and these deals became more and more and they were opposite the market direction. Then I write emails to my account manager, and compliance department but no one replied to me. This is a scam company and they did these trades not me! Now my account balance is zero. DO NOT WORK WITH THESE SCAMMERS!

  2. I had an account with youtradefx and invested nearly USD9,000. I made two deals and lost about USD600. A month ago, I made a withdrawal request but I didn’t receive anything yet. I took a credit to be able to take care of my family. I have two little children, I only want my money back!

  3. We need to cooperate and work together against youtradefx! They stole a huge amount from my account and then they blocked it. Now I don’t have any access. Pleasse, we must work together to find more information about this fraudulent company. If anybody has the bank details it may help us to stop them and to declare they are fraud. We need to unite and share all information!

  4. its all a scam, i traded with different brokers, most of them disappear when I make withdrawal request, some of them will try to convince you not to withdraw and instead invest more while others will actually allow you withdraw a little amount so they can build your trust and after that they begin to make large requests. i lost a lot to these fraudulent brokers, i was depressed for months until i was recommended to a Binary options trade funds recovery expert Mr Gary Wilson when i met them i didn’t believe they could get back my money because i have been scammed a lot already and didn’t know what to believe, but my gut feeling told me to give it a try and i did, feel free to contact them via their email address: [email protected], and they will help you to claim back your lost investment from your scam broker, i was obligated to recommend them for the good service which they offered to help my issue with my broker.


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