Core Spreads – Is it scam or safe?


Core Spreads – Is it scam or safe?

Core Spreads is a brand of Finsa Europe Ltd, which is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA license allows it to conduct financial services, including forex.

However, there are customers reviews informing about negative slippage practices and a slow withdrawal process.

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6 Complains

  1. What happened to CoreSpreads?? I contacted their support recently and people were so rude and useless. That’s ridiculous. I was trying to receive some help with their platform that didn’t work properly. What a pity!

  2. This is a simple model for losing money. I had an account with them and it was funded with GBP6,000 but I closed it only two days after. Their support is so unhelpful…they don’t know their products, they are not educated. So, this is a good model for attracting amateurs. They offer a web-based platform only, not MT4. And this web platform has many restrictions. They don’t provide the possibility to change the leverage! There are better brokers for sure.

  3. I traded with them and everything was ok until they began slipped me. I didn’t have instant execution any more. I asked them why the things changed and they told me this was due to my internet connection ?!?! Well, this was funny. But they also said they couldn’t do anything and this wasn’t so funny. A friend of mine and I were trading together and he was NOT slipped. That made me conclude that they do this purposefully! Find another broker!

  4. I registered an account with corespreads just to try their conditions. I made few deals with currency pairs on my Android phone. This app is so buggy. Trades are not fulfilled, there are great delays and the result of all this is a loss. I complained and was compensated with GBP100 but my confidence was lost. Later I tried their platform again hoping the issues were resolved but they still exist. Moreover, they applied 20 pips slippage on my stop loss order on GBP/USD pair and they refused to do anything. Yes, the spreads are ok but at what price?

  5. I had difficulties when tried to withdraw. And their spreads are not so tight as their name claims. Customer support is useless – they are like bots, just write what they are coded for and don’t answer what you ask them. Very bad experience. Scam! Stay away!

  6. CoreSPreads act as a market maker and this is obviously! I use trading robots but they detected nonstop slippage. Scammers! No matter of volatility, slippage exists. Moreover, I’ve tried to open positions many times and it didn’t happen, perhaps because of some bug. I emailed them about this problem but no one answered. Perhaps they would answer I was a losing client. That is why they are scammers. Very unfriendly service! Arrogant Britons! They blocked my account and the option of withdrawals for three days! These are the practices of scammers. Yes, they are FCA regulated but so what? They are the worst broker!


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