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We have received many complaints from dissatisfied customers, defrauded by employees. The company that owns the brand has no license and is not authorized to offer financial services. The site content is misleading, assuring that client’s money is guaranteed and this of course cannot be true without having a strict regulation. Moreover, complaints in forums show there is no customer support, no responses to emails and it is almost impossible to withdraw money back. All reviews recommend customers to stay away from the company, claiming it as a pure scam.

If you are a victim of scam and have any complaints from, please report us and we will try to cooperate. Please fill in the form below, describing your case:

5 Complains

  1. I read many bad reviews about this broker. I can say now this is not just bad, this is the worst broker I ever see. Its purpose is to steal money of the clients. I deposited but I was unable to withdraw after that, even a small sum. I wanted to see if I can withdraw some money or not. Well, unfortunately it seemed that I couldn’t. When you win some trades, they will not pay you, even your own money. STAY AWAY. I have a lot of evidences for their scam.

  2. Scammers! They change number by purpose, multiplying them by 1000 (ONE THOUSAND) and the only aim is to trigger stop loss orders and effectively vanishing your funds. They don’t response to emails. Absolute scam!

  3. I don’t recommend this fraud to no one. Their customer service doesn’t respond and doesn’t give you the information you need (for example whether you take the mone they give you as bonus) I tried to contct Gerry but there was no answers. I trade with other broker and I don’t have these problems at all. I wanted to close my account here taking my initial capital only but it is impossible to do that. SCAM! SCAM!

  4. WARNING! Caesartrade is a scam, be cautious they are liars! All of us who was harmed – we are obliged to warn others, so they won’t suffer as we do. That’s why we share this, do the same as much as you can. Let all people know Eric is an unrivalled thief! When I opened my account with caesartrade their support was available (unfortunately). I was serviced by someone Jacob. Now I know he has left this company and I guess this shit Eric doesn’t pay his salary. They stole my money – I had USD4000 before they blocked my account. Now no one replies me.Again: we must complain everywhere and even send emails to the authorities and inform them bout these scammers.

  5. Don’t trust them they are fake company, with fake promises, they will convince you to invest your hard earned money with them, don’t be fooled by all these scam investment brokers and account managers, i was scammed $70,000 worth bitcoin of my investment capital ,they kept on requesting for extra funds before withdrawal request can be accepted and processed ,at the end i lost all my money,. All efforts to reach out to their customer support desk was declined ,i found it very hard to move on . Luckily I came across a comment on a recovery website that recommended a funds recovery expert on binary/forex and bitcoin investment recovery expect, in the person of Mr. David Christopher, and i contacted him immediately through his email address and explained my issues with my investment broker to him, God so kind, him and his team worked relentlessly to recover my funds, and was able to build a case on the scam broker with the information I provided about my trading experience and my funds refunded back to me within a week interval, i was able to get access to my funds back with his help, I still can’t believe how possible it is to get my invested capital back, including my bonus with the company. I know some people must have been a victim of any scam investment broker. I feel obligated to recommend him and his great funds recovery strategy, feel free to reach out to him if you having issues withdrawing your funds, and he will guide you on steps to take and get your invested capital including your bonus refunded back to you. Good luck.


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