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We have received many complaints from dissatisfied customers, defrauded by employees. The company that owns the brand has no license and is not authorized to offer financial services. There are claims by the company that it has applied for an FCA license. It turns out they are fake and the goal is to attract more innocent victims. Moreover, complaints in forums show it is almost impossible to withdraw money back. The company employees have even stolen client’s deposits by giving them a fake bank account. All reviews recommend customers to stay away from the company, defining it as a pure scam.

If you are a victim of scam and have any complaints from, please report us and we will try to cooperate. Please fill in the form below, describing your case:

4 Complains

  1. They change quotes separately! Trading conditions are getting worse, the slippage is constant regardless of the market movements, huge delay when I open deals. It is not possible to make a single trade at the desired price. Scalping? – it cannot be done at all. Not good company. Stay away!

  2. When you give them your money they are nice and gentle. When you try to get 10% of your money, they stop responding and block your account. Scammers and cheaters!

  3. They gave me their 1-time bonus for my deposit of USD600 and then I covered all required conditions of this bonus and even exceeded them perhaps 10 times. Later, I won almost USD25,000 and made a withdrawal request for USD2k. They didn’t send me a single dollar and threatened me that I am gonna lose even my $600. This is just a scam broker. DO NOT spend your time and money there!

  4. I opened an account with CorrFX and deposited USD1,000 via PayPal. I made some profitable trades and earned almost USD2,500. On 7 of July I made a request to withdraw my profit. The people from CorrFX told me it was OK but they would tell me what should I do and to be ready for some delay because of the PayPal practices. Then they lingered me day after day for nearly a month. They told me the money will be by you next week then next week and the nothing happened. Now they don’t reply my emails… I can say – SCAM!


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