RoboForex – Is it scam or safe?


RoboForex – Is it scam or safe?

The company is licensed in several countries and is regulated by the relevant financial supervision commissions. Licenses allow it to conduct financial services, including forex.

However, there are some posts in forex forums that inform about bad practices related to poor customer support, great slippage and slow orders execution during the news, misleading bonus schemes and slow processing of withdrawals.

So far, we haven’t received any complaints from clients of

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19 Complains

  1. I am very dissatisfied from this broker. They took almost 1/3 of your profit if you choose the options for credible protection. This is total scam. If you read the details or this bonus, you will realize you will never get your 1/3 of yur profit. Unless you trade 1000 standard lots!!!! That wil cost you 20000 usd with 2 pips spread for eurusd. Do not believe them!

  2. No doubt – they are cheaters. They call you and tell you they will provide everything need that a good broker will. I mean negative balance protection, allowing scalping, trade the financial news etc. REALITY: they don’t have negative balance protection. I received an email where they wrote I was excluded from this option. Why? Whothef*** knows. Only they and admiral market do this. The main purpose for this option is to protect you from a negative balance if there was some gap and volatility. But Roboforex triggers the stop out level slow enough so that you always will be closed in minus!! Very funny cheaters! The biggest scam ever! Stay away!

      • Dear Lola,
        In rare cases when clients intentionally abuse the system, the company will exclude the accounts from the Negative Balance Protection scheme. This measure is never applied to clients who work with us on a fair basis.

        RoboForex Manager

  3. Stay away from this broker. RoboForex sux. I wanted to withdraw and they charged me such big fees. They never mentioned about them. Meanwhile it is so easy to deposit your account there. They took 10 dollars more from me when I used neteller. Nice way to earn moremoney from you. Easy deposits/nightmare withdrawals. 100% thieves

  4. Guys, I don’t believe in these negative posts about RoboForex. I’ve used 7 other brokers so far and Roboforex perfectly suits to me. I am happy to work with them for the last four years. I haven’t had problems with this company and withdrawals are normal. That is why I write here to share my positive opinion. Good luck!

  5. Now I can confirm that all positive reviews of forex brokers are fake. This broker has a bad reputation and my experience with roboforex confirms that. They, like other scammers, widen their spreads pushing you to losses. And this is happening every time when some deal is profitable. And this is not the last thing. The withdrawal process is terrible long and sometimes it is hard to get your money back. I can give an example. If you fund your account by credit card, they will force you to withdraw your money via other options and you will be charged huge commissions. I recommend staying away!

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    • Dear Hlompho,
      Your feedback contains no data necessary for us to handle it. In case you have any complaints against the Company’s operations, please contact our Dealing department via a ticket from your members Area.

      Sincerely, RoboForex

  7. scam . this is a bullshit broker . lucky I just deposit only 10$ try how is ir going . but 10$ is also my money . they block ny acount without explain. . I hope this broker do not appears in front of my eyes anymore . hi say it not Scam .? try lahhh then know how bad it is

    • Dear hieu,
      Your feedback contains no data necessary for us to handle it. In case you have any complaints against the Company’s operations, please contact our Dealing department via a ticket from your members Area.

      Sincerely, RoboForex

  8. hi guys, I have not used this broker . I just signed and verified my account, and when I was about to deposit and get my bonus and start trading, I received a message which in essence meant ” because you are a fraud, we cant give you the bonus” and when I asked why? guess what their answer was: nothing, no reason, we have the right to deny….”. For me this a bad start, a bad faith, a bad sign. and if from the very beginning they call you fraud, would you trust this broker and I don’t need to know the rest, that was enough for me to look somewhere else. and if this doesn’t convince you , just read the replies given by RF manager and pls start small with any broker, if the trust is built , then deposit your hard earned money. good luck guys. by the way, my account number is 21044099

  9. Dear Saeed.

    According to the Bonus program rules, the Company has the right to deny a client in receiving the bonus. If you believe that the rejection was groundless, create a ticket in your Members Area that contains reasons why the relevant decision must be revised and submit it to our Live Support. The Company’s staff will check your message and deliver a situationally suitable verdict.

    Sincerely, RoboForex

  10. I deposited $300 then tried to withdraw it after it had gained some momentum and I was sent two pins to withdraw I tried both of them and it told me wrong pin! I still cant withdraw my money, also I emailed the support 3 different times and have yet to hear anything..
    Awful experience and I’m definitely going to make it my job to spread the word on how much of a scam this site is! Definitely stay clear!!

  11. Dear Zackary johnson.
    To find out details relating to your situation, we require the number of your request withdrawal. For our part, there are no obstacles for funds withdrawal operations – problems may arise on the side of payment systems due to incorrectly specified payment details of a transaction or because of technical failures they sometimes experience. We’re seeking to find out the reasons of what happened and hoping for your cooperation in resolving this matter.

    Sincerely, RoboForex

    • Thank you for getting back to me, the only number I received was a withdrawal pin which was 3198




      Cleared BTC:0

      $ 10,525.65
      Account PIN:
      Pending Withdrawal:$10,000

      I just copied and pasted my home account page and that is the information its telling me, let me know if you can be of any assistance.

      Zack Johnson

  12. Update** I was able to “withdraw” but when i went back and looked at my account it still indicates a “pending withdraw” for that same amount. (Its been over a week and a half) Never received a dime of my money back as well as never receiving so much as an email back about my situation. Save your money and invest elsewhere, terrible experience!

  13. Dear Zack Johnson,
    unfortunately, your feedback contains no data to support your complaints, thus making it impossible for us to handle them. In case any questions arise, we recommend you to contact our Live Support in any convenient way (email to [email protected], create a ticket in your Members Area, use phone or messengers).

    Sincerely, RoboForex


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